Running Man Variety Show

One of Popular Variety Show in Korea. Love the show..

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The show will have top star guests along with the MC be in 'unexpected places' with 'unexpected item'.Sometimes they have to chase others and eliminate them to win. Therefore,they have to run to avoid being eliminated.That why it being called Running Man

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MC: MC Yoo
  •  known as grasshopper
  • one of the best man in Running man

Kim Jong Kook

  • Popular Korean Singer
  • Known as  Kookie (when he is cute) and SpartaKook(when he is in angry mood or chasing someone)
  • Commander in Running Man
  • his mind is like detective-  very smart,easily sense suspicious act,know the trick
  • hard to chase and catch
  • but fragile and weak in front of sunbae(senior) and girls(he is gentleman)- always lose if gal and sunbae come as guest.
  • his personality change from shy man(Xman) to talkative man(Running Man)-everyone will afraid if he start to roar(angry)

Ji Suk Jin

  • known as Big Nose Hyung(brothers)
  • one of the elder member beside MC Yoo
  • easily being catched- always being no 1 being chased
  • new title-easy brother with gwangsoo

Haha -Hang Dong Hoon

  • Known as Haroro/Pororo in Running Man coz always imatating Pororo
  • always being spy to guest
  • michievious and brainy
  • afraid to Commander Kim Jong Kook if he being spy- always being sense by him
  • close to Kim Jong Kook
  • favourite line to girls guest- Being my last love
Lee Gwang Soo

  • Hoonbae (junior)among cast
  • known as gwang-vatar - coz his face similar to Avatar(hollywood movie)
  • always being bullied
  • tallest in Running man(190cm)
  • easily being chased -always be 2nd after Suk Jin
  • make the Running Man more happening and hilarious-
  •  He excels as a good framer where he can invent a lot of stories smoothly
  • so surprise that he is so popular in Running Man
  • new name- easy brother-coz easily defeated
  • Known as Monday Couple with Ji Hyo
  • Peaceful Gary- always being innocent and calm wihout knowing something happen
  • popular line in Running Man- Stress!
  • always being prank/cheat by other member in Running Man
Song Ji Hyo

"Running Man's" Ace Ji Hyo Signs With JYJ's Agency
  • Known as Ace Ji Hyo- coz her excellence in solving mission
  • known as mong Ji Hyo(blank Ji Hyo) coz his stare
  • always wearing sunglass when not wearing eye make up
  • Known also as Monday Couple with Gary- always being partner with him on Monday( RM shooting day)
Soong Joong Ki

  • Known as Flower Boy Running Man
  • leave Running Man to focus to his drama
Congratulations Running Man for winning SBS Entertaiment Awards
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