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Now,everyone is busy shopping and preparing for coming raya/Eid- Fitr.  Shopping Complex like Jusco,Sogo and not to forget Jalan Tar are crowded with people(my favourite spot). Sometimes, you feel like you can't breathing in there, but you just can't take off your eyes from looking discounts signs, and all those beautiful clothes.

Actually ,i don't want to talk about shopping. even though i love shopping(haha).Let talk about tudung or hijab that currently in evolution.evolutions??Transformation from typical  style of tudung to fashionable style.

 Then there are the “celebrity-inspired” hijabs, such as tudung Wardina or tudung Waheeda. Both Wardina and Waheeda are local Malaysian celebrities who have had a huge influence in the local fashion scene of hijab. Usually Malaysians like bright,colorful  and full of pattern hijab

Wardina- trendsetter in fashionable tudung

Then,we have tudung waheeda

Tudung Bienda -gypsy style

Tudung Ekin

Tudung Yuna

evolusi tudung yuna
Muslim-Europe style

hana tajima, evolusi tudung yuna
Tudung loose style
Singaporean styles - Plain hijab

Brunei Hijab styles(in pictures -My cousin in Brunei)
tudung dilipat

Indonesian style

 credit to Qotrun

Iran style- loose way
Egypt style
Egyptian hijab styles

turkey hijab style


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