What's #HyppTV?

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HppTV revolutionizes your home entertainment! You no longer need to wait for your favourite TV programs, but with Video On Demand on HyppTV, get your favourite blockbuster movies or favourite TV series with just a click of a button. What’s better is you get to watch it anytime you like at the comfort of your own home!

Why pay for something that you don’t want? HyppTV gives your flexibility in paying only for what you want to watch!

Be the selected few to watch the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William & Kate Middleton LIVE on BBC Knowledge, exclusively on HyppTV! Best of all, you don’t need to purchase an entire package of unwanted channels. HyppTV channels are available for purchase on an ala carte basis from as low as RM3 per month!

Fans of Maggie Q, get ready! The brand new season of Nikita is coming this July on Warner TV, exclusively available on HyppTV! With Time-shift TV, you can go back to that particular fight scene you liked so much and watch Nikita in action as many times possible!

Your home entertainment continues even when it rains! HyppTV is available come rain or shine!

HyppTV is the new way of watching TV! Primetime is now anytime and everytime!


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