MasterChef Malaysia- Cooking Game Show

I love to watch MasterChef- very competitive cooking game show..Now there are many versions of MasterChef.
It originally from BBC television program..
Watching these series make so passionate to cook even though i'm not very good in cooking(haha)..,mouth watering by looking at delicious food and plus i love to smell  a fine cuisine in the air..

never imagined that this cooked by a girl aged 12

I love cup cake..Looking at this make me mouth watering
I'm currently watching
MasterChef  (US version)- co host and co produce by Gordon Ramsay...a fierce General in cooking army in Hell's Kitchen.

Whitney- Winner of MasterChef US Season 1

Junior MasterChef Australia

Master Chef and Junior MasterChef Australia hosts.

Isabella and Jack

look like plastic knife but it very sharp

 And now i'm so exciting waiting for the 1st MasterChef Malaysia...After getting bored watching singing reality show....thank you for making an interesting game show.

 will begin 22 october 2011 at ASTRO RIA


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