Merlin season 4 is back on TV

i'm delighted that to hear  High Rating series Merlin season 4 is back.
when Merlin is back on tv??
DIVA CHANNEL starting on 12/12/11 at 8.30pm(Monday)
for Malaysian fans- tv3 on 16/12/2011(Mega Movie Slot)- for introduction episode
at as usual primetime Sunday 10.00pm beginning 18/12/2011
Let set the date....
Merlin 4 more magic,suspense and fight...
Picture of Bradley James - aka Prince Arthur from Merlin
bradley james with Merlin 1V's script


villains/watak jahat season 4
Druid Boy
Druid Boy


Lord Agravaine

 can't wait to watch
picture source: bbc


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