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Demi Allah,aku tidak akan menyentuhmu...

Sebuah komik yang mengisahkan kemuliaan hati seorang lelaki muslim yang cintakan Allah. Komik ini diadaptasi dari kisah benar yang..
A student was once studying in Delhi. The night had already set in, as he sat alone in the mosque. Studying by the lamp’s flame.
In the same locality a young lady was on her way to visit some relatives. However, a riot broke out and the street were not longer safe..
The young lady could find no place of refuge except this very mosque.
When the student saw her, he ordered her to leave immediately.
He told her ”it is not appropriate for you to remain here because if the local people see you here then this will be a cause for my disgrace,they will remove me from the masjid and this will cause harm to my studies. A riot has broken out in the locality and if I leave the masjid I fear that I whould be dishonored.
Upon hearing these words, the student kept quiet and asked her to sit in one corner. Thereafter the student returned to his corner and engaged himself in studying the whole night.
While studying he whould momentarily place his finger-tip on the flame of his lamp.
The young lady had been carefully observing this.
Slowly the night has brunt away. At the break of dawn, the student told the young lady. ”The riot has subsided and the road is safe. Let me take you to your home.” The young lady said. ”I will not return home until you reveal to me, the secret for repeatedly placing your finger tip on the flame of your lamp.” The student said, ”You should not concern yourself with that.”
Nevertheles, the young lady persisted in her request . The student finally said, ”The devil repeatedly whispered into my heart and encouragedme to do evil with you. Hence I placed my finger tip on the flame and addressed myself thus:
‘When you cannot bear the heat of the fire of this world, then how will you ever bear the painful fire of jahannum?.. Allah, though His Grace protected me. Hearing this, the young lady returned home.
She was the daughter of a weathly person and she was about to be engaged to the son of another weathly person.
After this incident she refused the proposal and said: ”I desire to marry a certain student who lives in such and such a masjid.” Her parents and relatives started to convince her and many began entertaining bad thoughts about her. When she observed this, she explained to them the entire incident..and said ”I will only marry him because he has the fear of Allah in this heart. And whoever fear Allah cannot harm to anyone.”
Finally , they were wed and Allah made them prosper.. 15) People marry for Four reasons, Beauty, Weath..
Social status,and virtue Marry for virtue that you may be successful -Hadeeth- What will be your reason?
Komik ini dipetik dari blog Serikandi Sang Pencinta.
Dilukis oleh Nurel Yana Maurad dengan tajuk The Pious Student.
Ini adalah kisah benar yang ditulis oleh Maulana Siddiue Ahmed Sahed Mudda Zilluhu. Boleh di dapati di dalam bukunya ”Adaa’bul Muta’allimeen”.


  1. salam.. bila baca entri ni hati terus tertarik nk follow blog akak ni tmbahan byk entri2 lain yg sgt bagus n berguna. selain tu, alasan utamanya adalah nk follow drama bersiri Adam & Hawa.. ngeh3.. ;p keep it up a good work akak~~ insyaAllah. sy akn terus menyokong akak.. :)

    1. wsalam..
      terima kasih atas sokongan mimi
      sy menhargainya..
      nantikan entri yang lebih menarik akan datang ye..
      buat masa ni..lebih kepada adam dan hawa..hehe

  2. tersentuh hati bila baca komik ni..


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