Beauty Rival In the Palace or Beauty Scheme

One of my favourite drama...(^_^)V

Lead Cast: Sammul Chan and Ruby Lin

Ruby and Sammul at Beauty Scheme Press Conference

Yan Kuan

Beauty Rival on Facebook

This China production is the equivalent of TVB’s
‘Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 宮心計’
Very highly rated as better than the TVB production.
Episode:- 40 episode
Language: Mandarin
Country:- Taiwan
Watch Online and Download (no subtitle) :-   Beauty Scheming(click here)

Ruby Lin- Dou Yi Fang (Empress Dou)/Xiang Ling; Lin Miao Ke- Dou Yi Fang (child)

Wang Li Kun- Nie Shen'er/Bing Hua/Empress Wang Zhi; Jiang Yi Yi- Nie Shen'er/Wang Zhi (child)

Yang Mi- Mo Xue Yuan
Sammul Chan- Liu Heng
Mickey He Sheng Ming- Zhou Ya Fu
Luo Jin- Liu Ying
Yan Kuan- Liu Shao Kang
Huang Hai Bing- Nie Feng
Feng Shao Feng- Liu Zhang
Myolie Wu- Lu Yu
Sun Feifei- Qing Ning
Dai Chun Rong- Empress Dowager Lu
Bai Shan- Bo Ji
Gao Hao- Liu Qi
Deng Sha- Miao Ren
Gao Yang- Bo Qiao Hui
Tammy Chen Yirong- Li Mei Ren
Zhou Mu Yin- Zi Ran
Qi Wei- Liu Piao (Princess Guan Tao)
Du Jun Zhe- Lu Lu
Li Yao Jing- Tian Da Ye
Zhang Tong- Shen Bi Jun
Ge Zi Ming- Tian Guo Chun
Tian Zi Tian- Jin Se
Su Qing- Empress Zhang Yan; Dong Hui- Zhang Yan (child)
Li Qinqin- Jin Zhi
Frankie Lam- Jin Wang Sun
Zhang Meng- Wei Zifu
Gong Mi- Chen Ah Jiao

During the early Western Han Dynasty, the young Dou YiFang's mother was drawn into a palace conflict which resulted in her entire family being executed. When she grew up, she unexpectedly entered the palace as a maid. She displayed extraordinary talents when she arranged for Consort Li's child to be swapped under the care of the Empress. Her intellects impressed the Empress Dowager, and she was ordered to marry the King of Dai so she could spy on them.

In order to rid the world of further sufferings under the regime, but at the same time earn the trust of Empress Dowager Lu, she suggested to her husband Liu Heng to start training his army under the guise of building his grand ceremonial tomb. People, believing that she was bringing downfall to the kingdom, pleaded for her to be put to death. But none the less, Liu Heng trusted her completely and subsequently made her his queen.
Their alliance finally led them to ascend to the throne of the glorious empire. But at the pinnacle of her power, she realized that her personal life was slipping away from her. In order to regain the love of her husband, in order to stop her children from killing one another, she weaved her womanly tactics to overcome every obstacle, and forged one of the golden ages in Chinese history known as the Rule of Wen and Jing. Her name is recorded in history, for us to marvel; she is Empress Dou of Wen.


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