Mary, stayed out all night

Jom tengok Mary,stayed out all night@ Mary, marry me di 8tv jam 6.00-8.00pm setiap Sabtu dan Ahad
 Episode : 16
 Broadcast network : KBS2
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Hyo Jin

Wi Mary is a stubborn woman and the daughter of a failed businessman without much experience in dating. One day, fate had her meet with Kang Mu Gyul, before knowing that her dad’s long-time-friend from Japan had planned to have her as his daughter-in-law. They plan to have the two of them, Mary and Jung In, married by the end of the 100-days agreement. So Mary had to used Mu Gyul to be her fake husband in order to escape from her marriage agreement. What will happen to the three of them? Which one will she marry at the end…?
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About the character
Jang Geun-Suk as Kang Mu-Gyul

Mu Gyul: The lead vocalist and lead guitarist in a band. Beautiful and languid like a cat. Doesn’t like to talk much, and when he does his answers can be short. Because all he needs is music. Successful or not isn’t what matters to him.

This is how he wants to live his entire life. He dislikes women because of the emotional scars left by his mother. He’s just a bad guy who escapes everything. A man who likely won’t ever get married meets a girl named Wie Mae Ri, and from that moment on lots of things seem to happen. Turning into a situation where monetary conflicts result in a “100 day fake marriage”

A man who does not understand the purpose of a family, and doesn’t know what true love is – he falls in love with Mae Ri, a girl with loyalty and devotion who struggles to survive like each day is a battle. He and his rival Jung In commence a battle between men. Facing a monumental change in his life.

Moon Geun-Young as Mary

Mae Ri/Mary: She has the vitality of the sun. She resembles her deceased mother….even though she is quite pretty, she has her father’s explosive and irritable temper.

Because of a father who is prone to getting into scrapes, her life has been difficult. But, to Mae Ri, her father is the world best best father to her.

She is currently taking a leave of absence from school because she can’t pay her tuition. She doesn’t have any talents, so she does odd jobs to pay down the debt. Because of her dad’s marriage scheme, she ends up taking fake wedding pictures with Mu Gyul. Resulting in her falling into two fake marriages…..

Kim Jae-Wook as Jung-In 

Jung In: He is the head (representative) of JI, the television music production company. He was born the son of a chaebol. Arrogant and carefree, a bona fide rich boy. The ideal for the ladies. He has the looks, the wealth, and the business acumen. The #1 most desirable husband material. He refuses to allow anyone to interfere in his orderly life, appearing cold to the outside world.

The perfect Jung In’s only weakness – his father. To accede to his father’s wishes, he must play the kind son. He begins a 100 day fake marriage without any emotional attachment. But then he begins to fall for Mae Ri. To achieve a musical dream, he finds Mu Gyul. On one hand, there is his legally wedded wife Mae Ri, on the other hand is his rival in love Mu Gyul. The three of them become intertwined together in love. At the same time Seo Jun gets involved in the mix and makes an already complicated relationship even more messy.

OST Mary,stayed out all night

My Bus
Superstar- Kara 

 Netizen Award
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