Ipad 2

iPad 2 is here. But most Asian countries will have to wait. Apple has only announced launch dates for U.S and another 26 countries, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In Asia, iPad 2 will be available to Japan and Australia and New Zealand on March 25, two weeks after it is made available in the U.S.Malaysia is not on list yet...So for Malaysian Ipad 2's fan should  wait to get new gadget from Apple because it will be pretty long wait for countries in Asia.

As expected, the iPad 2 has new front and rear cameras. iPad 2 users can now make FaceTime calls to millions of iPhone 4, iPod touch and Mac users to family and friends as long as there is Wi-Fi connection. The new iPad also comes with Photo Booth which let users apply fun visual effects, including eight photo special effects like Squeeze, Twirl and Kaleidoscope, to photos captured by either camera.

But according to Van Baker( from  Gartner Research Center) the announcement about Ipad2 may be make people happy but nothing surprise and no price changing...He said who want  spend at AS$800(RM2480)  if they can get Ipad at AS$500(RM 1550)

But its up to you...to make choice
buy thing that value for your money...


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