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update ep 43(episode akhir)
 Drama akadku yang terakhir 
setiap isnin-khamis,6 petang
lakonan tiz zaqyah dan amar baharin

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    Just an opinion, don't Rania as a psychiatrist at this point where she’s confident enough about her career shouldn’t be a judgemental shallow person. There is this one scene where Rania was reading Irham’s case, she had actually judged him by saying “kahwin cerai 3 kali? Macam mana lelaki normal dan waras boleh buat macam ni”. Of course, it is unavoidable as a person to be judgemental but she, a psychiatrist out of all people should not be sceptic about anyone’s case honestly. Come to think of it she didn’t meet Irham, yet she was sceptically judging Irham's back story when even as a normal you’d have empathy towards another. When Rania made the comments above, it was to an acceptable level. Acceptable not suggested. Because as a woman any of us would jump to the idea of any other women being oppressed by any men. As a person trying to help another person, why isn’t she wondering on why and how he has marriage problems. Seeing Irham as a person in need of help and all the while she was supposedly in these therapy session it seems more like a forcing session. She keeps pestering him on the same question without even trying to open Irham up. One might argue that due to Irham’s attitude she had all the rights to do so being so ever annoyed with him. But she is a psychiatrist for god’s sake, there was this one part where Irham told her that one of the reasons why he did that was because of wives who goes around not admitting their status. Yes he was saying it sarcastically. But it was a comment made in a session therefore it could have been a reference to his life, not her personal problems. Rania as a freaking psychiatrist who boasted about her credibility when she first met him took his comment as a comment for her so called private life. Might I go on in this recent episode she was actually questioning telling to herself oh tak kan laa irham suka aku his type is etc etc. The fact that she went all the way to thinking that, SHOULDN’T HER FIRST THOUGHT BE “IRHAM THINKS IM MARRIED SO THERE’S NO WAY HE LIKES ME”. Why does all this make a psychiatrist sound like a feebly profession, a school counselor would have done a better job. Rania indirectly has actually undermined the profession itself. This drama is watched by all ages, therefore it is supposed to be a decent representation of the profession because it may impact some people’s career decision. This made me boiled up from the inside to the point where my inner fangirl towards Tiz Zaqyah can’t cloud this anymore. PS: I know that the genre of this drama is romance and not medical or psychology, but because of it being too invested in wanting to potray the romance, it has actually degrade the image of a psychiatrist. I believe that it is a waste as they could have used this opportunity to also give a good exposure of what a psychiatrist actually do.

    1. citer nie berkisarkan novel dn digarap oleh team produksi mereka. so why u should bother with the storyline. for me, tak mengapa lah kalau watak karier mereka dlm lakonan tidak menjadi seperti realiti. i mean, come on sis, this is just a drama. tak perlu rasanya nak terperinci sgt ttg kerjaya dlm watak mereka. tonton lah sekadar utk hiburan. tak perlu nak kritik sgt, diorg dhh give their damn best utk jayakan drama nie. just watch it. i dont know samada psikoterapi itu mmg kerjaya u dkt dunia nie. tapi just let u know, kami menghormati tatacara kerja sesiapa sahaja dlm apa jua profesion kerja. so, tak perlu nak terbakar hati, hilang sabar diri, sbb ini cuma drama, tiada kne mengena antara hidup atau mati u or anyone else. take good point sis. challo..

    2. agree with Zdrama. seperti biasa production tak ambil berat/doing homework about profession yang dorang happen in many malay drama.

  2. admin...bnyk link xde...mohon admin update terr...suka tgok drama ni..huhu

  3. Admin.. Knp semua link dh X active. Tlg update ya. Thanks

  4. admin link semua does not exist in server mohon check balik

  5. admin link does not exist in server daripada ep 7 until ep39. mohon check balik. tq


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