Chinese Kid opt for Ipad and Iphone instead ang pows

 reported that children born after 1990 in China preferred to receive either an iPad or iPhone as Chinese New Year gifts, and not ang pows.
Eight-year-old Zhao Xiao Li was quoted as saying that she hoped to receive an iPad instead of “ya sui qian” which refers to ang pow money from her parents.
“Previously, I hoped to get ang pows from my parents.
“But not anymore. I prefer an iPad,” she said.
Another person, known only as Ling Hui, said her 14-year-old son also insisted on an iPad, not ang pow.
She said her son had promised to clean the house and undertake household chores just to get the Apple device./
Now i'm understand why Ipad and Iphone most popular search in google...Kid nowadays are demanding 


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