How to reduce your electricity bills

How to reduce your billsPrint this page Four principles on how to reduce your electricity bills:

1.Efficient use of electricity

2.Operating electrical appliances efficiently

3.Efficient maintenance of electrical equipment

4.Efficient technology

Another easy way to reduce is by unplug all your electric application if not in use..By switch off the plug,  you save the energy but its still there even though in little amount.


Replace your normal bulb (60W, used 4 hours per day) with an energy saving bulb

Saving per month (RM): RM 1.11

Saving per year (RM): RM 13.37


Choose a 1hp air conditioner with a load rating of 850W over one with a rating of 950W for 6 hours a day

Saving per month (RM): RM 4.00
Saving per year (RM): RM 48.00

Washing Machine

Reduce your daily part load wash to three full load wash per week

Saving per month (RM): RM 3.08

Saving per year (RM): RM 37.00


Set the temperature at -18 Celsius instead of - 21 Celsius

Saving per month (RM): RM 1.09
Saving per year (RM): RM 13.08

Choose a chest freezer over an upright freezer

Saving per month (RM): RM 4.00

Sving per year (RM): RM 48.00


Switch off the main Plug not in stanby Mode

The electricity consumption for standby can easily run up to 100kWh per year equivalent to RM22

So remember to switch off the main power for optimum energy saving

Saving per month (RM): RM 1.82

Saving per year (RM): RM 21.80

Source: Energy Consumption and TNB

Hope this little information can help you reducing your bills and we also can save the usage of energy


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