ETS(Electric Train Services)

1st time in my life,i'm taking Electric train ETS.Sudden meeting in Ipoh, make me choose the faster public  transport going to Ipoh...because i'm afraid to drive......

So,when my brother pick up me at ISM,I;m telling him that i have to buy train ticket to Ipoh immediately...because i got meeting at Ipoh next morning...

So i don't have any choice except using ETS as suggest by my friend because i must arrive at Ipoh around 8.30am...ETS save my life because the earliest train is 6.20am

The price is double from normal price which cost rm30 from KL sentral- Ipoh... 
KLSENTRAL - IPOH?(earliest train
6.20am-8.30am(1 hour 57 min)3 stop

IPOH- KL SENTRAL(last train)
6.30-8.47(2 hour 15 min)9 stop
It boarding exactly on time and depart also on if u boarding by ETS u doesn/t want miss the train...Inside the rain boasts rows of bright and comfortable reclining seats..There;s a cabin space on top of the seats for us to put our luggage in and the windows were huge and wide with adjustable blinds

Beside that,they have tray to put meal and plug beside cushion near window in case you want charge your phone...i like that....

As for the speed of the train, it was varying with a maximum of about 145km/h, as shown on the LCD screen. I was happy to know that the speed increase was gradual instead of sudden, and it was comfortable enough for me to read a book inside without feeling dizzy. The LCD screen in front of us was showing reruns of Tom and Jerry the whole time, which was good because it’s the type of show you could watch without audio

The toilet was surprisingly new and tidy, with no unpleasant smell. This was definitely a HUGE difference from the toilet in the normal train. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to dwell into that! Anyway, the toilet in ETS was relatively spacious, with a clean toilet bowl, sufficient supply of toilet paper and a basin with an automatic tap!
Overall, the ETS is definitely a comfortable and refreshing experience, punctual and efficient, with a price! So would I do it again? experience with great tense going to meeting disappear once i'm boarding with ets
More information about the ticket prices, schedule and where to purchase tickets can be found here:


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