Coping with Stress(Stress Management)

Ways I Cope : Do you do any of these?If yes,you are coping with stress
Go through the checklist and put a check mark next to any item that describes how you reacted, even once, to a difficult situation, whether minor or major. If the item is a way you regularly react, put two checks. It is day to day situations that arise for you.

I confront the situation head on.

I distance myself from the situation.

I distance myself from myself.

I control myself.

I use relaxation techniques

I escape through dissociation or forgetting

I escape through abusing alcohol or other drugs (including prescription drugs)

I act to take care of things myself.

I become very aware of the needs and emotions of others.

I learn or develop special skills.

I call a friend

I call a supportive family member.

I call unsupportive friend or family member.

I keep on trying and trying and trying.

I become very tolerant.

I try to get all the facts.

I imagine the worst possible ending.

I debate things within myself.

I try to see the situation as positive.

I see myself as bad.

I see myself as a failure.

I shame myself.

I accept responsibility when appropriate.

I create appropriate boundaries with other people.

I create rigid boundaries.

I give up my boundaries.

I use fantasy to escape.

I sleep.

I become totally involved in taking care of someone else, not myself.

I play down the seriousness of what is happening (minimize).

I try to earn forgiveness for wrongdoing.

I show a sense of humor.

I do something creative.

I turn to a higher source of wisdom (this could involve another person, a book, or a Higher Power).

I dream.

I trap myself.

I make do with what I have.

I plan.

I watch television.

I overwork.

I do busywork.

I educate myself.

I abuse others.

I neglect myself (poor diet, little exercise)

I hold onto rigid or irrational beliefs.

I find a physical release (walk, swim)

I repeatedly hurt myself.

I self-mutilate.

I make suicidal threats or gestures.

I attempt suicide.

I do art work.

I write in a journal.

I work at a hobby.

I find a mission.

I seek out a social situation.

I talk with others about what happened.

I find someone who will listen to me.

I seek out emotional support.

I find help to complete certain tasks.

I find help with problem solving.

I help others.

I just don’t think about it.

I deny the impact of the event.

I deny that the event even happened.

I lose sight of the facts.

I learn more about what happened.

I blame myself.

I split into alternate selves.

I involve myself in daily tasks.

I avoid daily tasks.

I lie.

I manipulate.

I overcontrol myself.

I lay guilt trips on others.

I don’t sleep.

I overcontrol my environment.

I create chaos around me.

I become perfectionistic.

I do criminal or illegal acts.

I see the world in a negative light.

I act in ways so others will see me negatively.

I turn to my Higher Power.

I turn to the safest person I know.

I identify the sources of my fear.

I express my anger without hurting myself or others.

I become enraged and express anger in ways that can be hurtful or harmful to myself or others.

I become addicted to relationships.

I become over dependent.

I develop a compulsive behaviour.

I develop an obsession.

I do things to excess.

I pray.

I seek out others who have experienced the same thing.

I go to therapy.

I join a support group.

I remind myself that things could be worse.

I look for any sense of meaning that will help explain what happened.

I decide I just won’t be bothered by what happened.


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